Jarvis Jenkins done for year with ACL tear-now what? And bonus Musings on the game

Redskins DE Jarvis Jenkins, pictured, tore his ACL Thursday in preseason action against the Ravens. (Larry French-GETTY IMAGES SPORT)

By Stu Krantz

It appears the Redskins have lost one of their most promising rookies, DE Jarvis Jenkins, for the year with a torn ACL.

From the Washington Post’s Rick Maese:

Jenkins was scheduled for an early morning MRI and shared the news on Twitter. “Redskin fans thanks for the support I love you all . . .unfortunately it is a ACL tear. . . .”

The Redskins’ 2nd round pick out of Clemson was injured when he tried to plant his foot and change directions, and he said he felt a pop.

The team originally said they thought it was just a knee sprain.

Jenkins was in the midst of a battle with Adam Carriker for playing time at left 
End. He was one of the most promising rookies in training camp and had begun to break through in the preseason, notching 1 tackle in essentially 2 games.

“I’m gonna work harder than I’ve ever worked to get back I love this game too much,” he also tweeted Friday morning.

Anytime a prominent or promising player gets hurt in the glorified scrimmages that are the NFL preseason, it hurts. Kevin Ewoldt of SB Nation’s Redskins blog, Hogs Haven, had described Jenkins as a “wrecking crew on run and pass plays”. The Redskins will likely feel the impact of the loss during the latter half of the year.  Guys will start wearing down and the Skins will be increasingly dependent on someone young like Jenkins, especially since Jenkins was looking like a beast in the making. The other scenario is that the Redskins will be totally out of it late in the year, and they would start giving Jenkins more and more reps in meaningless games, a la Rex Grossman last year.

Adam Carriker, already ahead of Jenkins on the depth chart, will likely see an increase in playing time as the starter. However, behind Carriker, a significant dropoff will occur, no matter who wins the job. There will likely be a battle between Ohio State products Darrion Scott and Doug Worthington. Worthington, who bounced around the league last year, his first, was claimed off waivers by the Redskins. Scott is in his 2nd season with the Redskins. Of course, the Redskins may bring in an End to look at, but whoever it ends up being, they will not come close to what Jenkins would have given us.

For those who don’t like the preseason–case in point.



-Beck vs. Grossman- much of this has been covered already, so I’ll make it brief. Both looked good at times and bad at times. Beck’s interception was pretty bad, as were some of Grossman’s throws. An up and down game for both. This, to me, is likely indicative of what the season will look like- someone will start Week 1, play for a few sloppy weeks, the other will get hot, play some games, then go down the tubes, and the other will play, and on and on. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

-Wide receivers- Hank looks to have earned himself a spot buried on the depth chart. Stallworth showed nothing, will likely not make the team. Terrence Austin had a great drive with John Beck, grabbing 3 balls for56 yards and a TD. He returned well. If there is truly a competition between Austin and Banks, Austin sure as hell is winning right now. Moss and Gaffney look to be Grossman’s go-to guys between the hash marks, which is Grossman’s preferred area of operation. Malcolm Kelly continues to be absent. He will surely be cut.

-DeAngelo Hall- Yes, Hall was beat by Lee Evans on his TD, albeit not by that much. We saw why he was playing so far off on Evans on a previous short catch. However, we also saw him play a much slower Anquan Boldin tightly, read the hook route, and took the ball to the house for a pick-6.

In general, Redskins look vastly improved-except at QB. The uncertainty there, obviously, is what will make or break this team. There is a reason quarterbacks make the most money-it is arguably the most important position in sports. Hopefully, it will work itself out and not drag this team down like a certain no. 92 who wouldn’t pass his conditioning test. But hey, I’ll take this year over last year’s team- and Fat Albert.


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