Redskins trim roster from 90 to 80

By Stu Krantz

The deadline for teams to cut their teams (no pun intended) to 80 players was this afternoon. Here’s who the Skins waved goodbye to:

  • QB Ben Chappell
  • Clint Stitser
  • WR Malcolm Kelly(reached a settlement)
  • OL Xavier Fulton
  • LB Eric McBride
  • OL Corey O’Daniel
  • DB Dante Barnes
  • DB Tyrone Grant
  • TE Joe Torchia

Nothing too shocking/important. A couple notes:

-Malcolm Kelly: a 2nd round pick from the Cerrato era never could dig himself out of the injury hole he seemed to perpetually be in. Would have been nice to at least get a look at him. But given that he was drafted by Cerrato, he probably would have sucked anyway

-Ben Chappell: Thought the UDFA out of Indiana would last longer than Mark Gutierrez. I was wrong.

-Clint Stitser: Gano already has the job locked up barring injury. Stitser was insurance.

-Xavier Fulton: As Hogs Haven pointed out the other day, Fulton is the only O-lineman at camp (and there are a ton of them) who I have literally not heard a word about. I guess that’s probably a bad sign.

-Side note: Panthers cut Tony Pike. I want the Redskins to get him. I thought he was very good at Cincinnati, and he was unfairly passed over when Carolina was down and out last year for Brian St. Pierre. I’d much much rather have him than Kellen Clemens


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