I am…Stu Krantz, the Puck Schmuck

By Stu Krantz

Yeah, the name sucks. But you know, when this guy tells you that it’s “actually pretty funny”, you tend to listen to him.

Anyway, what you’re going to find here is an assortment of hockey and football-related thoughts and other such ridiculousness. As you can tell by the blog name, this blog is going to be covering hockey much, much more than football. I tend to just have occasional ridiculously good thoughts about football, too, so I will throw them up here when they happen.

As the title of the post denotes, I am Stu Krantz. I’m 14, a lifelong DC resident, a diehard Canadiens (yes, that’s correct) and Redskins fan, and a nice Jewish boy (hence, the “schmuck”). I root for the Caps when they aren’t playing the Habs, am happy when they win, and laugh when they lose as it is usually for the same reason every time (No, Semin, even though you just scored a hat trick you still have to backcheck once in a while).

Now, since I am 14, I do, on occasion, attend school. This obviously severely limits the amount of free time I have to do things like this. However, I really enjoy writing and hockey, and will give every ounce of effort I have to write something or at least update this daily.

How do I know I enjoy this, you inquire? A couple buddies of mine from school and I  started a blog (check it out here  if you feel so inclined), and I really like it. But, it is strictly DC sports only, which slightly hinders my ability to write about my favorite team in all of sports, and hockey and other features in general. Thus, you get this.

So enjoy, readers (miniscule number that you are right now). And let me share some sage advice with you- as long as you give everything you do more effort than Alexei Kovalev would, you’ll be fine. I do.

With that in mind, welcome to my blog.


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