NHL 2011-12 season predictions

On the eve of the beginning of NHL preseason, which is meaningless hockey (but HOCKEY) at its finest, I present you with my (the Puck Schmuck’s) season predictions (on the contrary, you can find my post about why each team will suck here). Asterisk denotes division winner.

Overall East standings

1. Washington Capitals*

2. Philadelphia Flyers*

3. Montreal Canadiens*

4. Pittsburgh Penguins

5. Boston Bruins

6. Tampa Bay Lightning

7. NY Rangers

8. Buffalo Sabres

9. Florida Panthers

10. Carolina Hurricanes

11. Toronto Maple Leafs

12. New York Islanders

13. NJ Devils

14. Winnipeg Jets

15. Ottawa Senators

Atlantic Division

1. Philadelphia Flyers

2. Pittsburgh Penguins

3. NY Rangers

4. NY Islanders

5. NJ Devils

Northeast Division

1. Montreal Canadiens

2. Boston Bruins

3. Buffalo Sabres

4. Toronto Maple Leafs

5. Ottawa Senators

Southeast Division

1. Washington Capitals

2. Tampa Bay Lightning

3. Florida Panthers

4. Carolina Hurricanes

5. Winnipeg Jets

Overall West standings

1. Detroit Red Wings*

2. San Jose Sharks*

3. Vancouver Canucks*

4. Anaheim Ducks

5. Columbus Blue Jackets

6. Chicago Blackhawks

7. Nashville Predators

8. LA Kings

9. Minnesota Wild

10. St. Louis Blues

11. Calgary Flames

12. Edmonton Oilers

13. Dallas Stars

14. Phoenix Coyotes

15. Colorado Avalanche

Pacific Division

1. San Jose Sharks

2. Anaheim Ducks

3. LA Kings

4. Dallas Stars

5. Phoenix Coyotes

Northwest Division

1. Vancouver Canucks

2. Minnesota Wild

3. Calgary Flames

4. Edmonton Oilers

5. Colorado Avalanche

Central Division

1. Detroit Red Wings

2. Columbus Blue Jackets

3. Chicago Blackhawks

4. Nashville Predators

5. St. Louis Blues

East final

Penguins over Capitals

West final

Wings over Sharks

Stanley Cup Final

Wings over Penguins— back to basics here. Wings exact revenge for 2009. Lidstrom and Holmstrom ride off into the sunset. However, Pens fans comfort in the notion that the Cup will be theirs soon and often. Just not this year.

Stu Krantz-the Puck Schmuck- does not think anyone is beating the Wings this year. Hit him up on Twitter @stukrantz


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