Hockey really (sort of) returns to Winnipeg tonight

This evening, at 7:30 pm, the Jets will host the Carolina Hurricanes at the MTS Centre.

It will be nationally broadcasted in Canada on TSN, the first such game for the Jets 2.0. Tonight, everyone (North of the border) will get a look at the newest franchise in the NHL. But, obviously, it’s not really about seeing the players play-it’s about seeing the Winnipeg Jets play. And that’s the first time that will have happened in almost 15 years. That will surely be a joyous occasion for the people of Winnipeg, and of Canada. Sort of.

Because it really starts October 9th, when the Canadiens come to town. That’s when they will really be happy. But either way, congratulations to Winnipeg on this achievement-they deserve it.

Stu Krantz-the Puck Schmuck-is on Twitter. Hit him up @StuKrantz


4 thoughts on “Hockey really (sort of) returns to Winnipeg tonight

  1. your blog is really bad. I know youre 14 but you should know. You seem to know little to nothing about hockey. Might at well go write on bleacher report.

  2. I hate to be annoying, but this isn’t the first preseason game that the Jets have played at home. According to their website, their first game at home was September 20th, and I remember an article about it on Puck Daddy… Otherwise, liking your blog 🙂

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