Habs claim Blair Betts off waivers; Gauthier has satisfied the hounds

We heard it all summer after the (gulp) elimination to Boston: the cries for GM Pierre Gauthier to sign a damn gritty, big 4th line center who is good on faceoffs and can alleviate some pressure off Pleks on the PK.

Today, PG found that man.

He claimed Blair Betts off waivers from the Flyers. And everyone is happy about it (except Flyers fans who, upon seeing Habs fans’ reactions, are pissed they didn’t get anything for him). Betts was excited about his role as a 4th line grinder and PK specialist even entering preseason this year having played that position for Philly for the past 2 years or so. I remember whenever I would watch a Flyers game (read: against Habs and in Finals), there would always be a “Blair Betts is great for the PK” comment.

The Flyers extended him in February 2010 for 2 years, so he goes UFA after this year.

So yes, he’s only signed for this year, but there is no question about one thing.

This year, he is exactly what the doctor ordered for the Habs. Now if only Markov’s knee could get the f healthy.


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