Blair Betts returned to Flyers

The Canadiens announced today that Blair Betts, who they had claimed on waivers a few days ago from the Flyers, had been returned to Philadelphia because he failed his physical.

Questions obviously arose after Betts did not play in the Canadiens’ opener in Toronto. The Habs said he was day to day.

From Bettman, via the Canadiens’ team website:

In reaching his decision, Commissioner Bettman stated: “While it is clear that both clubs have acted in good faith in this unique situation (i.e. a waiver claim), I am not prepared to dispute the conclusion of the Montreal Club doctors that Mr. Betts was physically unfit to play at the time of the claim. Therefore, it is my decision that, per League By-Laws, the appropriate resolution to this matter is to restore the parties to the position they were in prior to the waiver claim on Oct. 5.”

This is a real disappointment-many (including yours truly) thought Betts was the player the Habs had been searching for for the last year or so: gritty 4th line center who is good on PK and will score occasionally.

Looks like it’s Andreas Enqvist time, unfortunately. Jeff Halpern, why did you have to go?



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