This is one of the coolest things you’ll see today

By Stu Krantz

In the Leafs-Jets game yesterday, Phil Kessel pulled a dirty dangle and slid across a pass to Joffrey Lupul, who one-timed it home from just in front of the right faceoff circle for the Leafs’ first goal.

Why so neat, you say?

Lupul shot it right off the goal-cam, in one of the craziest and most awesome videos you’ll see today. Behold, at the 0:16 mark:

As Puck Daddy points out, Lupul is not the only one to destroy a camera with a shot. Michael Del Zotto of the Rangers did it last year, too. Over at PD they seem to favor Del Zotto’s camera smash over Lupul’s. I think Lupul’s is more exhilarting, and therefore superior. Del Zotto’s was cool because it was the above-ice camera, on the netting over the boards behind the net, so the puck was flying up at you. But I like Lupul’s because it is a full-power one-timer–you get to see the puck flying directly at you, in a straight line, at speeds of 90+ miles per hour. Plus, since the puck bounced right off the camera and out of the goal, everyone at the arena and the War Room in Toronto had to watch that in order to review the goal.

And here’s the picture of the lifeless camera, via Sara Orlesky of TSN:

What say you–Lupul or Del Zotto?

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