About me

You can call me Stu, Krantz, Stu Krantz, Puck Schmuck, PS, whatever.

I’m still me. I am 14, live in the DMV, follow the Canadiens too much, love the Redskins, and occasionally like the Caps. I play and love the game of hockey. I operate a DC sports blog with a couple buddies here. Here’s my “about me” from over there:

Stu Krantz is a proud DC native, except when it comes to hockey, where he is a die-hard fan of the Montreal Canadiens, winners of 24 Stanley Cups. He roots for the Caps when they are not facing the Habs. He also pulls for the Skins and Wizards. He currently writes for his school’s newspaper, the Lion’s Tale, and is taking Journalism II. He would like to steal the jobs of Patrick V. Hickey and Dave Stubbs, beat writers for the Canadiens at the Montreal Gazette, and/or those of Greg “Puck Daddy” Wyshynski, a hockey blogger, and Tony Kornheiser, Washington Post sports columnist.

So there you have it. Enjoy at your own risk.


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